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Thursday, October 31, 2013

These are the times I will remember...

Part of the reason I keep this blog up is because I want to have some sort of record of Charlie's childhood. Today was a wonderful, completely average, amazing day, so I am going to list the memories we created.

1. I took Charlie to see Matt at work, and to meet my class at school. Everywhere he went, he was greeted by screeching girls whom only dogs could hear. At one point, I caught myself rolling my eyes and thinking 'This must be what going out in public with Justin Beiber is like.' He is an attention magnet and he loves it. I am curious to see if that tendency continues as he grows up - if he likes it, not the screaming girls (I think they'll end once he is 4 or 5).

2. Charlie wanted to be Cookie Monster all. day. long. He only grudgingly took off his costume's hat (googly eyes) when I told him he didn't want to get his hat all sticky with lunch. He was sweaty underneath but apparently his dedication to the character overwhelmed his personal comfort.

3. I made him Halloween breakfast (banana ghost and pumpkin toasts), lunch (Jack-O-Lantern plate) and dinner (Mini ghost pasta and star shaped cucumber). I hope he reads that when he's older and know how much someone has to love someone else to theme three meals for them.

4. Charlie was scared by the scarier costumes tonight, and kept taking my hand and saying 'OK, enough candy, home now.' When a Scream mask came to the door, he opened the door and said, 'Trick-or-NOPE!' and tried to close the door in the poor kid's face. Well played, Cookie Monster. Well played.

5. We practiced ALL WEEK that when you go up to a door you say 'Trick-or-treat' and when you leave you say 'Thank you and happy Halloween!'. Charlie got all of it right, except he kept forgetting to say the 'happy Halloween' part - instead, he'd say, 'Trick-or-treat! Thank you! Happy birthday!'.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Charlie as a pumpkin for his daycare party. The 'hat' didn't last long.

Nom nom nom. COOKIES!

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