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Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Page

So, I deleted my Facebook - I could almost hear the collective gasp from the Inter-world. I try to be self-aware enough to know when something is becoming a problem, and Facebook was definitely a problem. So, I gave it up. It's going to be difficult to organize things now - I had a Christmas baking exchange on there, as well as pretty much my entire triathlon material, and I also belong to the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation, to which belongs friends I will miss. But, even considering that, it's worth it: Facebook is developing a 'face profile database', in which any photographs you put on Facebook are scanned and added to a huge database of faces, which Science is quickly realizing are as individual to us as fingerprints. Minority Report, anyone? Anyways, between that and the fact there were WAY too many people I 'couldn't' delete (read: would get pissed off should I delete them), and the fact I was spending wayyyy too much time on it, Facebook had to go. Good news for those of you not on Facebook, because I'll update the blog more often. Theoretically.

The Coles Notes of our life over the past few months: the summer was great, as Matt was home and Charlie and I were glad for that. We went to Winnipeg to visit Charlie's godparents, and Charlie did well on his first plane flight (although thank God for Toopy & Binoo, without whom it may not have been so pleasant). We did a few weekends away at friend's cottages, and got things done around the house. Matt built a fence, then a gate, then a deck skirt. We had a screen door installed. It was all very suburban and lovely.

In September, I headed back to work part-time (.7, which is 3.5 days a week). I am teaching grade 4/5 half-time (fantastic) and Instrumental Music (ha!). Although technically qualified for Music, I haven't done it in a long time and am selling myself to the kids as 'organized but talentless' so they expect less. So far, it's great - I was lucky to find an amazing little school in which I fit in well.

Charlie continues to grow and flourish - he is talking in almost-sentences now, and is quite able to tell us what he wants, when and why. He has recently started doing 'chores', for which he gets 'monies'. He can make $3.50 a week! Half his money will go in his RESP, but the other half he is saving his money for a 'new car'. THAT trip to Wal-Mart will be hilarious!

He's gotten to be quite the little actor, too. Case in point. He also picks up everything we say, which then gets repeated at the strangest times. Like this little ditty from last night.

My goal for the new updates is weekly, on my half-days-off. See you in a week!

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