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Friday, October 11, 2013


Today was our bi-annual checkup at Sick Kids. We arrived at 7:30am, and Charlie had his echo at 8. He was SO good for it - never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Toopy and Binoo. We made jokes about a 'warm liquid goo phase' (they nuke the ultrasound goo!) and it was generally an OK time. Our tech was awesome and quick (key part there: quick) and we were out by 8:40am or so.
Then we waited...and waited...and waited! Our appointment for clinic was supposed to be at 9am, but both our nurse practitioners were away, and Dr. D was on rounds...we saw a doctor, finally, at 11:30am. In the meantime, we visited our buddy Sophie, saw Louise our dietitian, and played with the iPad (thank you, Apple) and a new Cars toy (Finn McMissile). Again, Charlie was a rock star.
The news is: his heart basically stayed the same. One measurement was better, one was slightly worse - but because he grew and his heart didn't get proportionately bigger, it was 'better' all around. Unfortunately  the hope for today didn't come true - he is not coming off the Warfarin, since there is still the risk of getting a blood clot and he's not a particularly 'bruisey' child (not overly active for a 2 year old). They also shocked us by telling us Charlie doesn't need another echo for a YEAR! Bad news: Warfarin for another YEAR. Good news: we are down to yearly echos. We'll take it!
We also went to Panera for lunch and Charlie ate a whole kid's size macaroni and cheese. Geez, that is good stuff (ok, Charlie ate a kid's size mac and cheese minus one Mummy-sized-bite. Sue me.). ;) Traffic sucked on the way home. What else is new?
Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for, year after year. 

Charlie and Mummy, echo-ing and rocking out to Toopy and Binoo.

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