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Monday, July 9, 2012

I feel better. (maybe not Matt, though)

In the interest of multitasking, I decided to write a blog entry while on the elliptical today. I am using Dragon dictation which is my new favorite app. Or so please forgive any minor grammar or spelling issues it may make.

Charlie has been doing well as of late. Matt and I had a rough day last weekend when we ended up taking Charlie to the emergency ward because he his right side looked slightly distended. He wasn't eating any solid, and he wasn't his normal cheerful self. We call the cardiologist on call, and she thought it was a good idea to bring him in. Long story short after some blood work, his white cellcount was slightly high, leaving them to believe he did indeed have an ear infection. Afters some anti biotics, we are basically back to normal.

So now, Charlie is eating pretty well and getting into everything. He is walking everywhere, and is very busy boy. He is eating almost 1000 cal per day which, from my calculations is about 150 more than what he was eating prior to the G-tube.

We went to the splash pad yesterday with our friend Grayson. Both boys had a great time. Charlie didn't know what to do with himself going through a tube with water spraying in all directions. There are some very cute pictures of yesterday.

The other big news in our lives is that Matt broke his arm last week playing baseball. Honestly I don't know what else could go wrong this summer but I don't want to ask that question,lest it get answered. He may have to go to surgery today, and definitely will this week. He broke his elbow so badly that they have to put in a metal plate to help with the healing. Matt is being pretty pouty about the whole thing, mostly I think, because he can't hold Charlie.

Now, our planned vacation later in the summer is in jeopardy. Honestly, though, I am just glad Matt is okay, and Charlie is doing well. Really at this point, it's all we can ask for.

I feel better - Gotye

There was a time I was down, down

I didn't know what to do

I was just stumbling around, around

Thinking things could not improve

I couldn't look on the bright side

Of anything at all

That's when you gave me a call

Now I feel better, better, better than before

I feel better, better, better, now I'm not down any more

And there were times I was sure, so sure

I couldn't turn it around

I couldn't care any more

About the good things I found

That's when you gave me a reason

To make me smile again

I only have to see you and then

I feel better, better, better than before

I feel better, better, better, now I'm not down any more

I feel better, better, better than before

I feel better, better, better, now I'm not down any more

Life sometimes seems to get the best of you

Like everything just brings you down

Just when you think there's nothing you can do

A friendly face will bring you around

And you'll feel better

You'll feel better, you'll feel better,

Better than before

You'll feel better, much better


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