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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby, baby

Just a quick update to let you know that Elizabeth continues to grow and be the most wonderful baby ever. There, I said it. I think that every time I tell someone this, I jinx myself and she'll 'turn' on me like a bad bag of salad. She IS so lovely...sleeps, eats (a ton! What a relief/change!) and is really well-tempered. It's great.

Our next echo is June 12th, at which point Sick Kids can assess what our next turn is - adding or switching medications and what her heart is responding to. I don't know what to expect that day - sedated or not, results, etc. - but we are always hopeful for good news.

Charlie is still...adjusting. I've heard it can take a year. Speaking of which, Matt and I have decided to take Elizabeth to Bora Bora for a year. Any takers on our remaining child? Kidding. Kind of.

This comic basically explains our life. Thanks to the illustrator (this was uncredited on the source I found it on):

Sooo...yeah. We love him all the time. We like him...most of the time.

Here are some adorable shots of various family members! Enjoy! Know we are well.

Charlie and Elizabeth hanging out.
Charlie got his 4-year shots. Tough guy!

Elizabeth looking like the future rugby player she is.

Matt, Charlie and Elizabeth having a visit.

Me, drinking champagne (oh, how I've missed you!) and having a Dorito. Stay classy!







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