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Thursday, November 29, 2012

For Mrs. Trotter (special edition post)

Today my mum and I went to the One-of-a-kind show in toronto, where, like last year, I met with the wife of a former art teacher of mine. Mr. T. dealt with the WORST class in my elementary school's history (my class, although I was certainly not part of the problem...ahem) (seriously, one of the kids from that class went to jail. FEDERAL jail.). His lovely wife and fellow teacher, Roz, helped me barf on a class trip once. We go way back. Now Mr. T. sells his artwork at shows around Canada, one of which being the show we were at today.

We were discussing other family members and telling Roz about my brother and his recent health issues. Here is a pic of Jamie when he was wee:

As Joseph in the church pageant


And here is one of him recently:

In the back, at Charlie's baptism.

I hope Roz remembers, but if you don't, that's OK. You probably saw 10,000 kids during your time as a teacher. Plus, you remember me (who could forget all that barf?). :)

In April, Jamie was complaining of headaches, bad enough to stay home from work for. After some tests, it turned out he had a brain tumour and an operation was scheduled. During the month of April, he had 3 brain surgeries in 4 weeks. My dad had an operation during this time, too, and I fell and broke my arm. It was a rough month.

Dad is fine, my arm healed, and Jamie's brain (while still crazy ;)) is doing OK now too. He had a hematoma (now dissipated) and while the tumour will be in there forever, it's something he can live with through the corrective actions that the surgeries did. Thank goodness. We're very glad he is sticking around.

Last year I said '2011 tried to kill us - bring it on, 2012!'. This year, I say '2013 - please be kind. Please lead to all kinds of wonderful things for a family that has been through so much in so short a time. Thanks in advance.'

Let's hope for the best.


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