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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime

It's been a while, I know. Almost a month! I am....not sure how that happened. But, with the beginning of school so begins the beginning of my back-to-normal life, so hopefully there will be more posts.

Charlie had a rough July and a great August. I think he really enjoyed the latter half of the summer. He hung out with both sets of grandparents, swam, played with his friends and kissed his parents a lot (once he learned to kiss, it's been a real smoochfest at our house). In the DCM world, he was eating better, developing fine and all of his various health care professionals are pleased. *sigh* No more drama, indeed.

September has been great so far, too! Can you believe I am writing a post like this?! No wonder you haven't read anything new in a while - I was busy having FUN with my kid! Who woulda thunk it?

Charlie was sick for a week (leading up to his baptism, no less) but he has recovered well and is back on track now. No weight gain in a month, but when he was sick he didn't eat for 5 whole days so that's understandable. No need to worry. And he got 'upsized' to a new g-tube (size 12, for those in the know) which means we can transfer to a 'button' (lower profile and thus less of a pull-out concern for daycare) whenever we want. Exciting stuff.

Charlie got baptized. He looked adorable, as proven here:

Our little gentleman.
Charlie and I.
It was a lovely, lovely day.

Being a stay-at-home mom (to be referred to as SAHM from now on) is amazing. I feel like such an important part of Charlie's upbringing and I love that I'll be with him until he is well over two years old. I also feel good about going back to work - Matt's Department Head's wife (follow that) is going to be our daycare provider and I'm pretty sure she's the most amazing daycare person ever. The kids have agendas, do letter and number and colour work, and she is lovely. Oh, and they have dogs. Perfect!

In 'us' news - Matt has good classes this semester, which is great. He's enjoying teaching and although he misses Charlie, he's glad to be back. My big news is that I'm training for a triathlon next summer in support of our ward at Sick Kids. It's partially a fundraiser, partly a let's-lose-the-baby-weight mission. So far, I've lost 24.8lbs and the training itself is going well. I went for my first run this past weekend where I didn't have to stop! I treated myself to a 'Ta-ta Tamer' (Lululemon sports bra - hence the ridiculous name). I am - this is so weird - looking forward to running again.

That's the news from our neck of the woods. Hope all is well in your little corner. :) Smile all around.

It's getting cold up here...

Charlie's first ice cream cone!

Ready for Mummy's birthday!


Hot Fun in the Summertime - Sly & the Family Stone

End of the spring and here she comes back

Hi, hi, hi, hi there

Them summer days, those summer days

That's when I had most of my fun back

High, high, high, high there

Them summer days, those summer days

I 'Cloud nine' when I want to

Out of school, yeah

County fair in the country sun

And everything, it's true, ooh, yeah, yeah

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot fun in the summertime

First of the fall and then she goes back

Bye, bye, bye, bye there

Them summer days, those summer days

'Boop-boop-ba-boop-boop' when I want to

Out of school

County fair in the country sun

And everything, it's cool, ooh, yeah

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot fun in the summertime

Hot fun in the summertime

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